Fabrication of  photoresist master molds for replica molding using photoresists (dryfilm & liquid type)

Thinfilm technology including hptotolithography, sputtering/evaporation of metals, as well as ion milling and chemical lift-off techniques are applied to fabricate micropatterned electrode substrates used for biosensing applications

Replica Molding

Replica molding of thermosets  against micropatterned master molds for fabrication of microfluidics

Master mold design via CAD and fabrication based on photolithography as well as 3D-printing
Hot Embossing

Electroplated nickel micropatterns are imprinted into a hard polymer (e.g. polystyrene, COC, etc.) using heat & pressure

Steel/nickel hybrid master molds  are fabricated using photolithography of special dryfilm photoresists and electrodeposition of nickel microstuctures