Stem Cell Chip

The overall goal of the research project is the development of an advanced in vitro diagnostic microsystem that is capable of assessing differentiation capacities of stem cells under standardizable, miniaturized and automated cell culture conditions. 

The first aim of the project is the establishment of a computer-controlled stem cell chip system (SCCS) that consists of the biochip, electronics, heating station and micropumps. Stem cell fate is monitored using non-invasive sensing technology based on contactless  impedance spectroscopy using nanopassivated titanium dioxide layers.  Our concept of monitoring fitness of stem cells builds on the assumption that besides cell-intrinsic manifestations, in particular extrinsic factors detrimentally impact the stem cells’ fate. Based on these assumptions, our second aim involves the application of the lab-on-a-chip technology to determine the effects of known drug combinations and environmental toxins on the differentiation capacity of stem cells.