• Dr. Helene Zirath
Helene who has finished her chemistry PhD at the Vienna University of Technology has joined the cellchipgroup recently and her research is now focussing on the establishment of sensor-integrated high-throughput live cell microarrays for nanotoxicology application. 

  • Dr. Mario Rothbauer
Mario is a biomedical engineer who conducted his doctoral studies at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) focusing on the development of lab-on-a-chip systems and anisotropic surface coatings for biomedical applications. As of May 2016 Mario has been developing a placenta-on-a-chip system at the Vienna University of Technology.
  • Dr. Jan Prikryl

  • Dr. Julie Rosser
    PhD students:

  • Isabel Olmos Calvo
Isabel finished her Master's in tissue engineering at the University of Applied Science Technikum Wien (UAS TW) focusing on cellular nanoparticle uptake under elevated fluid-mechanical shear stress conditions. She is now conducting her PhD at the Medical University of Vienna (MUW) focusing on a three-dimensional rheumatoid arthritis tissue model.

  • David Wartmann
David is a biophysicist whose research focuses on the development of integrated fluid handling for the mulitplexed biomarker analysis of microfluidic cell cultures. He is currently a visiting scientist at Prof. Richard Mathies lab in UC Berkeley.

  • Faheem Ali
Faheem is an eletrical engineer who joined the cellchipgroup during his master's at the Carinthia University of Applied sciences and he is now conducting his PhD on biobatteries and self-powered sensing for point-of-care devices.

  • Ece Ergir
Ece is an expert in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine at the University of Applied Science Technikum Wien (UAS TW) and has recently commenced her doctoral studies (Technical Chemistry) at the Vienna University of Technology.

Master's students:

  • Gregor Höll 
  • Sebastian Kratz
  • Luis Soriano 
  • Cristian Zanetti 
  • Christoph Pokorny 
  • Gertrude Pema 
  • Marek Černík 
  • Tibor Wladimir 
  • Christoph Eilenberger


    • Dr. Lioba Lobmayr - Project manager 

Scientists currently hanging out with the cellchipgroup:

  • Dr. Josianne LaFleur

  • Dr. Martin Fischlechner

  • Dr. Verena Charwat
Verena, currently a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley, is a former cellchipgroup member working on various aspects of stem cell culture and biology. Verena is affiliated with the research group of Prof. Cornelia Kasper at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU).